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Club Management for Single-Sites

It's been the best in class club management software for single-site clubs for over 30 yrs for a reason.  

Plus2 is at the heart of the Gladstone Leisure Management platform.  Its highly configurable and multifaceted, meaning no matter how you run your club this solution can be tailored to your exact needs.  Modules include:-

  • Sales and Marketing tools
  • Member Management
  • Classes and activity bookings with basic course management
  • Integrates with Access controls and Kiosk
  • Run DD Collections with reporting as well as a POS
  • Comes with 54 standard reports for management insight

Run Plus2 is run in a Hosted Environment, it means you will always be on the latest release and there is no requirement for you to manage the complexity of IT, our Support teams will take care of it for you.

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Gladstone Plus2

Helping you to grow membership and increase customer retention - it streamlines the customer journey whilst delivering reporting and member communications. Safe, secure and reliable, with peace of mind to control your finances and built with GDPR in mind. 

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Gladstone Plus2 - Standalone 

Sales and Marketing with Prospecting

Use Sales and Marketing features to connect with members and keep them informed. Includes a Prospecting module for clubs with a dedicated membership sales team/function.

Membership Management

An area of in depth information about members. Here you can create memberships, track corporate discounts. Manage member IDs, wrist bands and cards.

Front of House, POS and Access Control

Everything reception needs to record access into the club, take payments and handle customer membership enquiries. 

Bookings: Class, Course, Facilities & Courts

Take bookings for classes, courts and activities at reception. Use a booking sheet to visualise and manage physical spaces for studios and sports halls.

Report Generator

The report generator comes with 54 pre-written reports for such as; attendance, bookings, debtors and health safety items like members in/out. Reports can be customised and recalled whenever they are needed. 

Finance, Payments and Collections 

Everything you need to take payments, set up Direct Debit (AUDDIS, ADDACS, ARUDD). Use  the predefined financial reports to manage all aspects of collections and payments.

Choose Add-on Modules to Plus2 Standalone

No. of Members

<500 Members

Small single-sites clubs eg. Schools & Private

Recommended add-on modules
for small clubs and operators 

Ask about additional Modules

  • Join & Book Online (Connect) 
  • Enhanced Reporting & BI (EyeQ)
  • GladstonePay 
  • Gladstone360 Front of House (modern UI/tablet)
  • Learn2 (Course management with levelling) 


Gladstone provides Professional Services to get your Plus2 environment setup

Our Project Managers are on hand to work with you from purchase to go-live.  

The dedicated Fast Track On-Boarding team will support you along the way, together with our team of highly skilled Training Consultants that will work alongside you to configure the system to your bespoke requirements.

We have your back!

Our professional services team will hand hold your setup including; reception install and remote training to get you started.  Our devoted Customer Services team are always on hand when you need us most. 

It's the best in class for a reason, Gladstone invests over 40% of its revenue back into development, continuously innovating to create state-of-the-art technology that meet customer aspirations.

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