Manage Active Lifestyles!

A choice of data services

Continuous Data Management

Choose from a variety of data services to maintain your membership records.  

  • Re-population of customer Opt-ins after upgrade *
  • Work with clean records - identify and change status of member records for purge or archive 
  • Clear the non-member booking information field – our team will write and deploy a BPM process to clear data entered into the info line of a booking at a regular timescale. ***
  • Easily respond to Subject Access Requests - with a combination of reports per member **
  • Update child consent data - clear the opt in’s on records, where the age reached is appropriate for the subject to consent to contact. Together with a report to advise who has had their consent removed in this way, thereby allowing you to contact the individuals to re-apply for Opt-in consent. *
  • Gain more Opt Ins - Add a reception message to all members who have not opted-in, to prompt reception to ask the customer the question to gain a higher opt in uptake *
  • Clear out irrelevant User field information – identify which fields need to be cleared and we do the clearing for you
  • Archive the archive – We will provide a service to completely remove the data from any archive database you have, based on the archive date criteria

* Will require GDPR or Threadneedle versions of the Gladstone software
** Available where EyeQ is already installed
***Available where BPM is already installed 

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