Centre Management during COVID-19

Managing Operations during COVID-19

At Gladstone we want to ensure the success of our customers, in the light of the current Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) we provided some useful resources to assist you in managing your Gladstone system.

See the range of new resources to assist with Reopening.
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Check out our Blog published 21st May, which talks to bringing your database back online (SoD).
"The Day the World Stood Still"

Extending you ‘Expired Subs Retention Period’

If your business has or is intending to close, you may have subscriptions which will expire during your shutdown period. In some circumstances, you may have configured your subscriptions with an ‘Expired Subs Retention Period’ resulting in them being automatically deleted before you reopen. Should  you wish to maintain a record of these subscriptions on customer accounts for when you reopen, please follow the directions provided.


Suspending Connect

Hosted customers should raise a ticket with Gladstone Support. 

For On-Premise (non-hosted) customers a script modification will be required.  Download this Word document containing the instructions.  There is an additional link inside the instructions file to the 'mrmLogin.aspx' file as part of the instructions.

Download Instructions 

Cancelling Classes in Learn2

In the circumstance where you have customers on Learn2 with paid-in-advance sessions, these sessions would normally be deducted immediately after the Class has taken place. The document details how to cancel these Classes, to prevent customers from losing their paid for sessions.

Download Guide

Preparation for Re-Opening

When you are ready to re-open your centre/club, please see detailed options for updating/adjusting your Members’ Subscriptions. For example moving Members from a Frozen Status back to Current.


Getting the best from MobilePro

Read our blog - 10 ideas for using MobilePro during COVID-19. This includes how to disable the Bookings tile.

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Customers with Paid Bookings?

In the circumstance where you have customers with paid-in-full bookings and wish to view the details, Gladstone’s business intelligence application ‘EyeQ’ can provide the information you require. This includes vital fields such as customers name, contact details, activity, participation date, participation site and gross amount paid. Simply follow the instructions provided to create a workbook highlighting all the bookings with sales between a configurable date period. This is ideal businesses who wish to recognise customers who have booked and paid for activities that won’t be going ahead.

Download Guide

Working Remotely - [Applies to Hosted Environment only]

Remote workers needing to connect in order to carry out admin tasks – such as running DDs, EFT rejections, freezing memberships, cleaning data – anything the want staff to continue doing. 

The ideal scenario is for any remote workers to connect to their own network (HO or site) and then connect to Gladstone as they will already be IP whitelisted. This is least disruptive, with nothing required to be set up on laptops and no need to come through Gladstone to arrange.

If you are unable to connect via your own network, we may be able to support via a remote worker VPN for a limited period. Please contact your Account Manager who will understand your situation and recommend the best course of action. 

Take CONNECT Offline [Applies to Hosted customers only]

Following the announcement by Boris Johnson on 20/3/2020 Gyms and Leisure Centres have been told to close their doors from evening of 20/3/2020. If you would like Gladstone to take CONNECT offline please raise a ticket with the Support Desk.  The work will be undertaken over the weekend 21-22 March; a standard message will be displayed.

Displayed Message: Following the UK government COVID-19 directive as of 20/3/2020 this online booking service is unavailable until further notice.  

Collection and DD Runs

Did you know that DD runs can be scheduled in advance?  You can set the processing date in your submission software to ensure you don’t collect early, whilst ensuring the admin overhead of doing it is done now, should staff shortages ensue.  

Considerations for Subscription Freezes

This task can be executed through the 'enmasse' function if you are comfortable doing it manually. 
A download guide is available here.   

Past Webinar recordings may be helpful too. 

Alternatively, if you would prefer us to complete this on your behalf then we are able to provide a Data Service. This will be a 2-part service with an initial mass ‘freeze’ followed by a second step when you are in a position to confirm the end date for the freeze. Please contact your sales manager for a quotation.

Consideration and Recommendations

  • It is likely you will already have customers who are frozen for a variety of reasons. These may have member actions set to ‘unfreeze’ during the period of uncertainty. We recommend running a report of those members on a status of frozen already and member actions and decide what to do with them manually.
  • Annual subs – some will be set up to auto renew, some won’t. Consider how you might want to deal with these. Those not auto renewing will just expire. For those which do 'Auto Renewals' - they will renew and then create a debt on the member account. Consider how you may want to treat each of these. Only you can decide what to do with them as it will affect your revenue lines, but if you know what you want to do, and can’t do it manually then we can likely help through data services.

World Health Organisation - Mental Health Considerations during COVID-19 Outbreak - Read


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